Background information
Feature films Lady and the Tramp
Voice Actor(s) Dallas McKennon
Character information
Full name
Species Human (Professor)
Gender Male
Other names
Quote "He's not my dog."

The Professor is a minor character in Lady and the Tramp. He is voiced by Dallas McKennon.

Lady and the TrampEdit

The professor is first seen after Tramp whispers his plan to Lady about how they were going to sneak inside the zoo. Tramp whistles, barks and then leaps into the arms of the professor. The Irish cop notices Tramp and then reprimands the professor for bringing his dog to the zoo when the sign says "No Dogs Allowed." Although the professor denies that Tramp is his dog, the Irish cop and professor eventually start fighting over the issue, thus allowing Lady and Tramp to enter the zoo unhindered. The professor is not seen again throughout the rest of the movie.