Background information
Feature films Lady and the Tramp
One Hundred and One Dalmatians
Oliver & Company (cameo)
Voice Actor(s) Peggy Lee
Character information
Full name
Species Pekingese
Gender Female
Other names
Friends Pedro, Bull, Toughy, Dachsie, Lady, Tramp, Boris
Quote "He's a Tramp, but they love him."

Peg is a Pekingese and one of the dogs from the Dog Pound in Lady and the Tramp. She is named after and slightly resembles her voice actress, Peggy Lee.


Lady and the TrampEdit

She briefly appears at the beginning when Tramp rescues her and Bull, a bulldog, from the dogcatcher. Peg later appears in the movie after Lady is captured by the dogcatcher and taken to the pound. When the other dogs start to pick on Lady, Peg, who has been captured yet again by the dogcatcher despite Tramp's rescue, steps in and tells them to stop. She easily comforts Lady, especially when one dog makes a comment about her license.

One Hundred and One DalmatiansEdit

Peg makes a cameo in One Hundred and One Dalmatians. She is seen in the pet shop during the Twilight Bark scene.

Oliver & CompanyEdit

Peg also makes another cameo in Oliver & Company. During the song Why Should I Worry? Peg is seen on the streets listening to Dodger sing. She also has an owner in the movie, implying that she was eventually adopted.

House of MouseEdit

Peg makes appearances as a guest in House of Mouse.


  • It is unknown what happened to Peg and her friends at the end of the movie.
  • Peg's breed is actually a Pekingese.
  • Peg is one of Tramp's love interests in the film.
  • She is named after and slightly resembles her voice actress Peggy Lee.
  • Peg is one of the Disney characters to sing their own songs.
  • Peg's catchphrase is "What a dog".
  • Peg's personality is described as a flirtatious female character.
  • Peg calls Tramp handsome.
  • Peg is a friendly, and protective dog towards Lady.
  • Peg's eye pupils are Turquoise.
  • Peg has one song called "He's a Tramp".
  • The color of Peg's fur is Blonde.