Vital statistics
Class Mammal
Country of Origin Belgium
Hair color
Life Span About 10-12 years
Diet Omnivore
Character information
First appearance Lady and the Tramp
Last appearance Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure

The Bloodhound is a very powerful, massive hound dog. The back is very strong for the dog's size. The head is long and narrow in proportion to the dog's length, and long in proportion to the body. The muzzle is long and the nose is black. The deeply sunk eyes are diamond in shape because of the lower lids being dragged down and turned outward by the heavy upper lips. Color vary's from a deep hazel to yellow. The thin, soft, drooping ears are set very low and extremely long. The Bloodhound has a lot of extra, wrinkled skin hanging excessively loose, even more so around the head and neck where it hangs in deep folds. The dewlap is very pronounced. The muscular, front legs are straight. The tail is carried high with a slight curve above the topline of the back. The folds of the skin aid the dog in holding in scent particles while tracking. The coat is wrinkled, short and fairly hard in texture, with softer hair on the ears and skull. Colors include black & tan, liver & tan, and red & tawny and red. Sometimes there is a small amount of white on the chest, feet and tip of the stern.

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Weight and HeightEdit

Height: Dogs 25-27 inches (63-69cm) Bitches 23-25 inches (58-63cm) Weight: Dogs 90-110 pounds (41-50kg) Bitches 80-100 pounds (36-45kg)

Living ConditionsEdit

The Bloodhound will do okay in an apartment if sufficiently exercised. They are relatively inactive indoors and do best with at least an average-sized yard.===Life Span=== About 10-12 years

Litter Size Edit

Average 8 - 10 - Some have been known to have up to 15 pups in one litter


Hound, AKC Hound


This breed is more than one thousand years old. It was perfected, not created, by monks of St. Hubert in Belgium. Later the dogs were brought by the Normans into England and then to the United States. It is also known as the Flemish Hound. Throughout the world, breeds such as the American Coonhounds, Swiss Jura Hounds, Brazilian Fila Brasileiro, Bavarian Mountain Hound, and many others trace their lineage back to this ancient scent tracker. Today, all Bloodhounds are black & tan, or red, but in the Middle Ages they were solid in color. The white variety, which existed in medieval Europe, was called the Talbot Hound, who became extinct in the 1600's, but contributed to the development of many other breeds including the white Boxers and tri-colored Basset Hounds. The Bloodhound thrives on the hunt rather than the kill. It takes great pleasure in tracking and has been used to hunt animals, criminals, runaway slaves, and lost children. Today this slow mannered, rich sounding breed is both tracker and companion. Although it has a pleasant temperament, it is not easy to obedience train, most likely largely due to the fact that it gets distracted from human command, more interested in all of the exciting strong smells around him.

Trusty, and old Bloodhound


The smooth, shorthaired coat is easy to groom. Groom with a hound glove, and bathe only when necessary. A rub with a rough towel or chamois will leave the coat gleaming. Clean the long, floppy ears regularly. Bloodhounds have a distinctive dog-type odor. This breed is an average shedder.

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